Age bracket

After that first 6 weeks of pilates I went for a ride and was 20% quicker

About the client.

I’m quite tall and do a lot of computer based work, so spend a lot of hours hunched over. Until recently then whilst chairs were adjustable, the desk height wasn’t and that led to pain. I’ve always done a lot of cycling and then added some running and swimming once I turned 30 and did my first Ironman triathlon back in 2005. Pilates is part of my overall training programme.

What lead you to Pilates?

Had always struggled with back soreness and occasional bouts that stopped me running or cycling. After one bad incident my physio suggested I take 2 weeks off completely, and then do 6 weeks of pilates before re-starting cycling.

How long have you been doing Pilates with The Pilates loft?

I started in 2017 with The Pilates Loft

Classes you attend?

Depends on the time of year. Two group a week is a base, then possibly a third private in the off season to build strength and flexibility as a base for the peak training.

What benefits have you seen from Pilates?

After that first 6 weeks of pilates I went for a ride and was 20% quicker up a climb I’d been doing for years than I had ever done before (5mins instead of 6). I thought this must have been an error, so went out again at the weekend and tried another one, 9 mins instead of 10. I couldn’t believe how much difference it made, given I’d been riding 400km a week for the previous 15 years, so improvements like that just didn’t happen. Since then I’ve carried on, and I’m sure that it helps me avoid injury and be a lot more efficient with my cycling, running and swimming. At work I find I get less pain, but also that I’m more aware of being in positions that aren’t good for me, so sit better.

Why does The Pilates Loft work for you?

Regular routine really works for me and lets my plan my week and my coach plan my other training sessions to be complementary. Handy location, convenient times. I find the traditional approach works better for me in combination with my other training than the dynamic pilates that I’d done before the Loft. The dynamic pilates didn’t fit as well with my other training, and led to injuries as opposed to reducing injuries

Favourite Pilates exercise?

Not sure about favourite. Teaser is enjoyable. I find the one where we go up on shoulders and are straight up pretty easy. Feet in crease and then going out into superman position I definitely feel working my core which I need for cycling.

Most challenging Pilates exercise?

Anything on the mat that needs any balance – the ankle injuries/surgeries just make it a challenge for me and entertaining for others. Hamstring flexibility is also a challenge, but equally why I come.

Interested in trying?

If you are considering giving Pilates a go, we've got a great introduction offer for our new clients.