Authentic Pilates in Tauranga.

Based in Downtown Tauranga, we are dedicated to delivering quality authentic Pilates.
We teach the original, and the best, Pilates. The one created by Joseph Pilates.

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Why take up Pilates?

Pilates is great for both men and women, young and old and is a great addition to existing training, for those just starting to get fit or with specific functional needs. Pilates is an exercise system that works from the inside out and strengthens the “Powerhouse”.

Regular Pilates reshapes your body by lengthening your body and strengthening your stomach muscles, it will work to fix in-balances that lead to injury. You will stand with better posture, improve your circulation, realign your body, tone your muscles without bulking up and increase strength and flexibility.

Why pilates?

Pilates is Stretch and Strength with Control.

Why The Pilates Loft?

The Pilates Loft is a very well established and long running studio in the heart of Downtown Tauranga. Whilst we are a large and busy studio we believe in quality over quantity. Our strength is delivering Personal Sessions and Small Group Sessions only. The studio is equipt with an extensive range of Pilates apparatus allowing us to offer you a deeper Pilates experience.  

Our Instructors are fully qualified, very experienced and maybe a little Pilates obsessive. What we excel in doing can help you in many ways.

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Pilates Sessions

Find out more about the variety of sessions we offer across all levels and how to get started.

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Introductory Special

Learn the Basic Pilates method across a range of apparatus over three Personal Sessions and Two Group Sessions.

Introductory offer

Small Group Sessions

Pilates in a small group of four.
Our sessions follow the authentic Pilates method and will strengthen and stretch you in challenging ways.

Personal Sessions

Whether for rehab, general body conditioning or specific sports training the best way to maximise results is with Personal Sessions.

Client stories

Find out first hand the benefits Pilates brings to our clients and why The Pilates Loft works for them.

Client stories
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" I’ve found I do have a core!"

I Really love the vibe of the Studio and the friendly atmosphere in each class. Not only do I get a great work out, and the push and guidance of Stephen to get results.


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

Joseph Pilates.

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