Personal Sessions

The best way to maximise results and gain an understanding of the Pilates System is with one-on-one Personal Sessions

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About the Sessions.

The Pilates Method trains all the muscles of the body to gain strength in the manner they are designed to perform. Everyone's body has certain strengthens and weakness, imbalances and alignment issues which are specific to that person. Personal Pilates sessions are the best way to make obvious those places and what needs to be worked, what apparatus should be used and the quickest way to achieve results.

Personal Session Rates

Casual rate

$95 per SESSION

block of 5

$425 ( $85 per Session )

block of 10

$800 ( $80 per Session )

How to book.

For many reasons we don't do online bookings, we want to make sure we fit you with the right person, at the right time.

If you're interested in booking a session please contact us to discuss what suits you best.

I like the atmosphere and feeling within the studio. It’s friendly and not intimidating!


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