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Stephens' ability to listen, observe my body and adapt exercises to provide relief and strength are the reason I keep going back!

About the client.

My “Back Story” began in 1999, when as a young homeowner / handyman I began regularly hurting my back while working on our relocated house. In hindsight the back injuries were inevitable after spending all week hunched over a desk doing structural engineering calculations. Giving up sport, to work in the weekends, shovelling, lifting and twisting. My first major back injury came in 2005 with a prolapsed disc in my lower back, resulting in sciatic nerve pain, an ACC exercise program, and anti-inflammatory pain killers plus time off work. During this time I was on a treadmill of regular Osteopath visits with manipulation of my back, with no long term benefit, Eventually I had a steroid epidural injection which gave enough relief to strengthen my back. Following this I continued with no regular exercise, working in the weekends and my sedentary occupation. Resulting in regular back problems, and fortnightly or weekly physio therapy. I got to the point where I realised I needed to permanently strengthen my back. A slow learner I know ! So around 2018 started doing exercises led my by physio therapist. While my back became slowly stronger there were still incidents of sideways shifts and instability.

What lead you to Pilates?

Mid 2019 I was devasted to prolapse a disc again, especially after 2 years of trying to strengthen it! This resulted in the same sciatic nerve pain and another steroid epidural injection. A work colleague recommended Stephen at The Pilates Loft to me.

How long have you been doing Pilates with The Pilates loft?

I've been coming to The Pilates Loft since August 2019

Classes you attend?

I did one on one sessions with Stephen twice a week until I gained enough core strength to joining group sessions. I now do one Personal and One Group sessions a week.

What benefits have you seen from Pilates?

My back hasn’t felt this strong in many years. If it is sore or stiff in the mornings I now have enough knowledge and targeted exercises to strengthen myself for the day ahead. 15 minutes is all it takes.

Why does The Pilates Loft work for you?

Stephens' ability to listen, observe my body and adapt exercises to provide relief and strength are the reason I keep going back! Of course my overall strength increase and ability to live a pain free after 21 years of discomfort also play a part. All this in a lighthearted and relaxed atmosphere. Occasionally I have a sore shoulder or muscle twinge if I mention this to Stephen he tailors a session around this and at the end of the session I feel a lot better. Thank you Stephen !

Favourite Pilates exercise?

The series of 5, it's hard, but it works.

Most challenging Pilates exercise?

The Teaser.

Interested in trying?

If you are considering giving Pilates a go, we've got a great introduction offer for our new clients.