Age bracket

Amazing fun team of instructors who get my week off to a great start.

About the client.

I work for ANZ in the Private Bank team looking after the financial needs for high net worth clients. I have two kids, 11 & 8, and dabble in running activities. My main focus is to stay fit & healthy to be able to lead an enjoyable life.

What lead you to Pilates?

I’d loved Pilates pre-kids when I lived in Auckland so the opportunity arose to attend a session through Grab One a couple of years after moving to Tauranga post kids so thought it was a good way to re-find stomach muscles and start looking after myself again.

How long have you been doing Pilates with The Pilates loft?

I've been coming since the start.

Classes you attend?

Mainly group sessions but treat myself to private sessions a few times each year. Weekly regular attendee.

What benefits have you seen from Pilates?

A nice strong core which has allowed me to finish international marathons and ultra marathons without quite enough running training.

Why does The Pilates Loft work for you?

Amazing fun team of instructors who get my week off to a great start. Ability to use different apparatus if we choose to. Flexibility of the sessions to focus on specific areas that members of the session need to work on. Lovely studio, I started with Stephen when he worked from a small room inside a gym, this is his third commercial studio space in downtown Tauranga, each one bigger and nicer than the last without increasing the group class size. The focus is till on Small Group and Personal Pilates. Instead of increasing the numbers of people at a time, he's increased the range of Pilates apparatus.

Favourite Pilates exercise?

Call me old fashioned but the good old hundred.

Most challenging Pilates exercise?

Teaser & Tendon stretch….argh!!

Interested in trying?

If you are considering giving Pilates a go, we've got a great introduction offer for our new clients.