Age bracket

Stephen is a great teacher, especially for anyone who needs re-hab

About the client.

Quite sedentary work but am active outside of work with jogging/walking 5 days a week, a couple of swims a week and busy running round with 3 x kids.

What lead you to Pilates?

Have had on-going back issues. Was a huge yoga goer which I have done for years and years. After another back incident, my physio said that yoga was about the worst thing to do with my body type – am already hyper mobile and rather than more muscle lengthening I needed to do a lot of internal strengthening. He suggested Pilates as the perfect solution for my body and would assist with my life long back issues.

How long have you been doing Pilates with The Pilates loft?

About 2 years

Classes you attend?

Group sessions once a week.

What benefits have you seen from Pilates?

Reminder of muscle awareness and it highlights my weak areas. I like that it is hard to hide and although I often feel the weakest and the worst in the class I persevere as I know it’s the areas I need to work on. The hardest things are tough for a reason! I haven’t had another big back episode since doing Pilates. Prior to that they were happening every year or so.

Why does The Pilates Loft work for you?

I like the style and the instructors! I like the conversations and things we talk about – I often come away from a class feeling like we’ve discussed some interesting topics whilst working out. I like the people that attend, and I like the atmosphere and feeling within the studio. It’s friendly and not intimidating! Stephen is a great teacher, especially for anyone who needs re-hab. His muscle knowledge is excellent and he can adjust the class to meet everyone’s needs.

Favourite Pilates exercise?

Any twist rotation exercise – love them

Most challenging Pilates exercise?

Anything that requires using core to pull body/legs over the head – I find it very hard to engage the core to get lift and pull!

Interested in trying?

If you are considering giving Pilates a go, we've got a great introduction offer for our new clients.