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I love the humour and the fact that despite the range of people who come, everyone is treated as equal.

About the client.

I work in a sedentary job, and with the busyness of it and life, it was hard to fit in time to exercise. After a series of injuries, my body had seized up, and I have significant lower back pain. I thought this was attributable to an injury, but it turns out I have degenerative loss of a disk in my spine.

What lead you to Pilates?

My wife got me into Pilates as she is a convert, and also my then physiotherapist recommended it.

How long have you been doing Pilates with The Pilates loft?

I've been coming to The Pilates Loft for just over a year now.

Classes you attend?

While I started in group sessions, I have moved to Private Sessions which I prefer as they are tailored to my specific needs and injuries.

What benefits have you seen from Pilates?

While it is clear that exercise will not cure my lost disk, Pilates has been of huge benefit. I am becoming more flexible, stronger in my core, and more attune to posture and preventative actions. When I do something like mo wing the lawns which triggers my back pa in, if I am doing Pilates the recovery time is so much quicker. I still have moments of back pain, but I am no longer crippled with it like I used to be before Pilates.

Why does The Pilates Loft work for you?

Pilates at The Pilates Loft is so much better than any other Pilates I have done. They have such an extensive range of equipment which can target strengthening more than just straight Mat or Reformer Pilates. I can see real benefit in Stephen and those working with him having had proper training. I am valued as an individual, and Stephen is working hard to give me exercises that are specific to my injury, and which are designed to work around that injury to give me the best possible body strength. I can see the results more than ever before, and I now live life with occasional pain when I trigger my back, rather than constant and significant pain. I love the humour and the fact that despite the range of people who come, everyone is treated as equal. I love the ability to have a free and frank discussion about a whole range of topics, and that Stephen and his team are genuinely interested in us as people. I love it; it is not a chore to go, and there are real and tangible benefits that mean life for me is now relatively pain free.

Favourite Pilates exercise?

Most challenging Pilates exercise?

The walking hands up the legs exercise I hate it.

Interested in trying?

If you are considering giving Pilates a go, we've got a great introduction offer for our new clients.